Automated Dendrometer D6

The D6 is an automated, weatherproof sensor that provides continuous high-resolution measurements of tree or branch circumference. It is designed to be attached to tree boles or branches and logged continuously for long term data collection.

Expands as the Tree Grows

A broad measurement range means that it can be left attached to most trees without ever having to make adjustments.

Sensitive to Small Diameter Changes

You can use the D6 to monitor diurnal fluctuations in stem circumference related to water transport from the roots to the leaves. You can also monitor immediate response to weather events. When used over longer time periods, the D6 can also be used to monitor tree growth.

Designed to Protect Tree Tissue

The D6 mounts without screws or hardware that penetrate tree tissue. It is a small, lightweight sensor that does not damage bark or disturb tree growth. A flexible Teflon buffer layer minimizes friction and prevents wounding.


The measuring cable is made of INVAR steel which is highly resistant to corrosion and has low temperature dependence (<1 µm/mK). Strain gages are covered with rubber polymer.


The pad and cable can be configured to fit any tree circumference.

Data Logging

We recommend using Campbell Scientific data loggers for powering and logging the D6.

Sensor Type: Strain-guage full-bridge
Measurement Range: 0-55 mm circumferential range, resettable
Power requirements:
5-15 VDC supply, 50 mA max current burden
Bridge Resistance:
350 Ohm
Non-Linearity: ±1%
Operating Temperature: > 0° C
Operating Temperture: -30° C to 60° C
Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Teflon

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D6 Dendrometer

D6 Manual
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