ECH2O Utility

Use ECH2O Utility software to connect to and to configure your Em50, Em50R, Em50G, or Em5b data logger. Click on the link to download this free software.

  • Calculate how many days of storage you have based on your preferred measurement interval.
  • Monitor battery life.
  • Name data logger, set date, time, and measurement interval, and specify sensors for each port using drop down menus.
  • Download both calibrated and unprocessed data to MS Excel or DataTrac 3.

ECH2O Utility


System Requirements:

  • Hard disk with 20 MB of free space.
  • Windows 98 or Windows ME with 64 MB RAM; Windows NT (SP5), 2000, XP, or 7 with 128 MB RAM
  • Availible serial or USB port
  • Microsoft Excel 97 or better (if saving data as xls files).

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Non UK/Ireland Customers

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Download the ECH2O Utility

Software package DataTrac 3 ECHO Utility
OS Compatibility MS Windows XP or higher MS Windows 98 and higher
Logger Configuration Yes Yes
Data Download Capabilities Yes Yes
Graphical Dapabilities Yes No
Database Dapabilities Yes No
Em50R Em50G Remote Data Download Yes No

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