EM5B Data Collection System

Low Cost Analogue Mini-logger

The EM5B is a low cost, limited use five-channel mini-logger. It powers and reads the EC5 and 10HS soil moisture sensors, the rain gauges and the ECT temperature sensor.

Designed for use over the growing season, the EM5B runs for 5-6 months on 4 AAA-size alkaline batteries and has 46K of Flash Data memory (138 days at 1 scan/hour).

The EM5B comes with ECH2O Utility software for setting up and downloading data.


  • Cost. The EM5B allows you to add inexpensive peripheral sites to a study.
  • Perfect for a season's worth of basic soil moisture data.


  • Limited weatherproofing. Needs to be protected from the elements.
  • Not designed to be accessed on a weekly basis.

(Port 1 must be unplugged before dowloading data.)

  • Only reads analogue sensors.

(Our analogue sensors include the EC5 and 10HS soil  moisture sensors, the low and high resolution rain gauges and the ECT humidity & temperature sensor.)

Feature Specification
Input channels 5 channels for analogue sensors
Data Storage 46 KB (138 days @ 1 scan/hour)
Sensor Types EC5, 10HS, GS-1 and RT1
Operating Environment -5 to 45°C, up to 100% RH
Power Requirements 4 AAA alkaline batteries (typically good for several months)
Case Dimensions 8.7 cm x 6.2 cm x 3.5 cm
Case Material Impact-resistant IP52, NEMA 3R
Interface Cable Serial or USB (cable included)
Software Interface ECH2O Utility
Warranty One year, parts and labour

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Non UK/Ireland Customers

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EM5B Manual
Size: 383.1 KB (392,274 bytes)

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