QSO-S PAR Sensor

Measure Photosynthetically Active Radiation

The model QSO-S PAR Photon Flux sensor measures the Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) in 2 µmol m-2s-1 from a field of view of 180 degrees. The diffusion disk is composed of characterized pigments for good spectral response.

Weatherproof for Long-Term Use

The sensor is designed for continuous outdoor use and is completely water proof and submersible.


Accurate measurement depends on cleanliness of the lens, and installation of the sensor at horizontal (180°). The sensor head has a domed diffusion disk to reduce the need for frequent cleaning. A leveling plate is included for accurate installation.

Specteral Range
400 - 700 nm
Accuracy ± 5%
Resolution 2 µmol m-2s-1
Field of view Hemispherical, 180°
Range Linear Range: 0-1000 mV (0-5000 µmol m-2s-1)
Full Sunlight: 400 mV (2000 µmol m-2s-1)
Calibrations and Conversions Sensors are calibrated for outside use
5.0 µmol m-2 s-1 per mV
Power None, self powered
Operating Temperature -40 to +60°C
Cable Length 5 m
Cable connector Types 3.5 mm "stereo" plug
Sensor Dimensions 2.4 cm x 2.75 cm (0.95 in x 1.1 in)
Data Logger Compatibility (not exclusive) ZL6 & ProCheck
Warranty One year, parts and labour

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QSO-S PAR Sensor
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