RK-1 Rock Sensor Package

The RK-1 Rock Sensor package for the KD2 Pro adds increased funcionality for measuring hard materials like rock and concrete.  Until now good measurements in very hard materials have not been possible.

Using the same technology as other KD2 Pro sensors, the RK-1's larger size allows the use of a 5/32nd inch rotary hammer drill bit to easily create a properly sized pilot hole. Simply coat the the RK-1 with some thermal grease, insert and measure.

RK-1 Image

Accuracy: ±10% from 0.2 - 6 W/(m.K)
±0.02 W/(m.K) from 0.1 to 0.2 W/(m.K)
0.10 to 6 W/(m.K) (thermal conductivity) 17 to 1000 ºC . cm/W (thermal resistivity)
Measurement Speed: 10 minute read time
Size 3.96 mm diameter x 60 mm long
Operating environment of sensor: -50 to 150°C
Cable Length: 0.8 m
KD2-Pro Firmware:
KP1.23.2 or greater

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