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Aqualab Duo - Water Activity Monitor and Moisture Content Monitor

Most moisture analysers use chemicals or high temperatures. Not Aqualab. Instead, an infrared beam focused on a tiny mirror determines the precise water activity of the sample. That water activity reading is then translated into moisture content, based on a product-specific calibration model.

What Products Work?

Most products with less than 40% moisture (by weight) will work using the dew point method.  Products with moistures above 40% usually have such uniformly high water activity values that other moisture analysers are a better fit.  Below 40%, moisture changes affect water activity readings more strongly, yielding high precision and repeatability.

DUO's Dewpoint Moisture Content Method

  • Odor-free
  • Chemical-free
  • No oven, no balance
  • Precise - reduces error by up to 90%
  • Verifiable with independent salt standards
  • Repeatable
  • Green - uses 95% less energy
  • Portable - the meter weighs just 7 pounds
  • Easy to use - precise measurements with minimal training
  • Secure - offers administrative control over calibration and sample data
  • Complete moisture analysis: reads both moisture content and water activity

Independently Verifiable Readings

You can validate moisture analyser performance with independently verifiable salt standards. Time, date, user stamped calibration and sample data can also be stored onboard in password protected data files.

Half the Cost

The dewpoint method's precision puts it in the same class with high-end moisture methods, but because its sample cups are inexpensive and reusable, the Aqualkab DUO costs less to run than other moisture analysers.

Measurement Range Water Activity 0.010 to 0.95 aw
Resolution +/- 0.0001 aw
+/- 0.01% Moisture Content
Accuracy +/- 0.003 aw
+/- 0.02% Moisture Content
Sample Time Approx 5 Mins
Sample Size Up to 14 ml
Sample Type Powder, Liquid or Solid
Sample Temperature Control 15 to 50 °C
+/- 0.5 °C
Output Download direct to PC
Input Mains 110/240 VAC
Sensor Type Chilled Mirror Dew Point
Warranty 1 year Parts and labour

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Non UK/Ireland Customers

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Easy to Use

The instrument is lightweight, portable, and straightforward. A worker at the line can run samples with the same precision as a technician in the lab, so you can use your moisture analyser at any point on the production line or in the supply chain.

10x the Precision

Precision varies with the product you're testing, but for many products the dewpoint moisture analyser has 10 x the precision of a typical moisture meter.

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