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Explore the range of Atago digital hand held refractometers.

Small portable and easy to use, giving quick reliable and accurate results, Atago continue to develop their range of refractometers to suit the needs of a quickly changing market.

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Established in 1940, ATAGO has continuously made strides in the research and development of a wide variety of optoelectronic products, mainly refractometers. ATAGO products are used in a variety of industries; from food and beverage processing, to petrochemicals and metalworking. ATAGO has established their reputation as a trusted brand and enjoys the fullest confidence of end-users not only in Japan but also in 154 countries worldwide.

Digital Salt Meter PAL-SALT

Designed for salt content measurement at levels of 0.0 - 33%

Digital Salt Meter ES-421

Designed specifically for salt content measurement up to a level of 10%


Portable refractometry covering the Brix range of 0.0 to 53.0%


Portable refractometry covering the Brix range of 45.0 to 93.0%


Portable refractometry covering the Brix range of 0.0 to 93.0%

Honey Refractometer PAL-22S

Measures the % water content of a Honey sample easily and quickly

Wine Refractometer PAL-84S

Measures concentration of grape must, easily, speedily and accurately

Pen Pro Refractometer

The Pen Pro offers Brix measurements quickly and easily thanks to its insertion design