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OPTi refractometers are constructed using the latest manufacturing techniques including stainless steel injection molding to construct the easy clean prism dish, ultrasonic welding to bond the housings and a rubberized switch membrane to further protect against moisture ingress and excess wear.

The OPTi refractometer may be used to control the dissolved solids or blend ratios of numerous products from fresh fruit to industrial chemicals.

OPTi refractometers have either single or dual scale readouts, please see the OPTi Range PDF for full detail.

If you would like a quotation for any of the OPTi range please contact us.

OPTi refractometers are supplied with a Certificate of Calibration as standard. OPTi refractometers are verified using UKAS Certified Reference Materials manufactured in accordance with EN ISO IEC 17025:2005.

OPTi Range
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OPTi Brix/Saline

Dual scales of Brix (0-54) and Saline (0-28) makes this a versatile meter

OPTi Honey/Brix

The 38-10 model has dual scales of % Water in Honey and % Sugar (Brix) in one unit