Measuring and monitoring soil water content helps determine when to irrigate, how much water to apply, depth of wetting and trends in moisture content with time. Soil moisture determines the transport and storage of dissolved nutrients and pollutants and the availability of water to plants.

The ECH2O is a capacitance probe that measures the dielectric permittivity of the surrounding medium. In soil, dielectric permittivity is directly related to the water content. The ECH2O Probe provides a mV output which correlates to Volumetric Water Content. This is a measure of volume of soil water per unit of total volume and should not be confused with Gravimetric Water Content.

Applications for the ECH2O probe include, irrigation scheduling and management, water balance studies, vadose zone monitoring and landfill & hazardous waste site monitoring.

Decagon EC-5 Soil Moisture Sensor

Low cost sensor for large networks

Decagon 10HS Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor with large volume of influence

Decagon 5TM Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor

Add temperature to your soil moisture data

Decagon 5TE Soil Moisture, Temperature and EC Sensor

Monitor salinity in addition to water content and temperature in soil

Decagon GS1 Soil Moisture Sensor

Rugged Soil Moisture Sensor

Decagon GS3 Soil Moisture, Temperature and EC Sensor.

Rugged Soil Moisture, Temperature & Salinity Sensor

Decagon MAS-1 Soil Moisture Sensor.

Used mainly with PLCs and irrigation controllers

Decagon PYR Total Solar Radiation

Waterproof solar radiation sensor

Decagon QSO-S PAR Sensor

Measures photosynthetically active radiation

Cup Anemometer

Measures wind direction and speed

Sonic Anemometer

Highly accurate Anemmometer even at low wind speed

Decagon LWS Leaf Wetness Sensor

Detects wetness and ice formation

Decagon RT-1 Soil Temperature Sensor

Rugged waterproof and accurate soil temperature sensor

Decagon ECT Air Temperature Sensor

Simple accurate air temperature sensor

Decagon VP-4 Humidity/Temp, Vapour & Barometric Pressure Sensor

Use the rugged VP-3 sensor with soil moisture probes in microclimate and evapotranspiration studies

Decagon PS-1 Irrigation Switch Sensor

Irrigation switch On/Off sensor

Decagon CTD-10 Conductivity Temperature & Depth Sensor

Measures Conductivity, Temperature and Depth

Decagon ES-2 Electrical Conductivity and Temperature Sensor

Measure the conductivity and temperature in a pipe or a tank