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Aqualab Water Activity Meter

The Aqualab range of products for water activity testing include:

Aqualab Series 4TE

Aqualab Series 4TEV

Aqualab TDL

Aqualab 3

Aqualab Pre

Accessories include: Thermal Equilibration Tray, Sample Cups and Lids, Calibration Verification Solutions, Transit Case, Netbook pc (Series 4 range).

All Aqualabs are:

HACCP, ISO9000 and GMP compliant.

AOAC approved method.

ISO9001 compliant supply.


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Product Briefing Video

Gain an overview of the Aqualab 4TE with the following Video...

The effect of Water Activity on Shelf Life
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Water Activity Tools Booklet
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Aqualab Series 4TE

Laboratory Grade Water Activity Monitor

Aqualab Series 4TEV

Aqualab with an additional sensor for samples containing propylene glycol, ethanol and other volatiles

Aqualab TDL

Aqualab with Tunable Diode Laser Sensor

Aqualab Pre

Benchtop Water Activity Monitor at an affordable Price

Aqualab 3

Smart Water Activity Monitor